Nov 12th - 16th | The Northernmost Metropolitan City hosts

C-Tribe Festival 2019

C-Tribe in 2 minutes & 11 seconds

What is C-Tribe Festival? In 2 minutes and 18 seconds



C-Tribe breaks down silos and creates environments to foster growth. Integrated into the festival will be engagements that offer unique and valuable experiences to keep you dialed in.


We have adopted the belief that meditation is an essential tool for bringing clarity, intention, and performance to every aspect of your life. Before you can truly be connected to others, you must connect with your mind, body, and spirit. This was our way to celebrate human connectivity and to leave our past, present, and future concerns in the clouds.


The fireside chats, panels, and keynotes range from discussions around fashion technology, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and blockchain. Learn what it takes to find opportunities in emerging markets or how to hack your way to success in the 21st Century.