The Northernmost Metropolitan hosts

C-Tribe Festival 2018

For four days and four nights, the northernmost metropolitan city hosts influencers for a series of intimate talks, wellness experiences, parties, gourmet food, and festivals geared towards building powerful communities and to support a generation of world-conquering collaboration.  

When: November 14-17th

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2017 Festival Highlight:
C-Tribe Fashion Show

A celebration of great drinks, trendy outfits and our outstanding arts community, the C-Tribe Fashion Show hits the runway and kicks off in style. After the days of stimulating conversation, breakout sessions, and fireside chats, the C-Tribe Fashion Show was hosted in the Edmonton’s financial district.

2017 Festival Highlight: C-Tribe Fashion Show


November 14th, 2018

10 AM (Meditate)
C-Tribe Meditation Series

4:30 PM (Elevate)
C-Tribe Awards

7:30 (Captivate)
C-Illuminate Show

November 15th, 2018

8 AM (Meditate)
C-Tribe Meditation Series

9:00 PM (Elevate)
Innovation Ecosystem Tour

4:30 (Captivate)
MainStage Speaker Series

November 15th, 2018

7:30 AM (Meditate)
C-Tribe Meditation Series

9:00 AM (Elevate)
Deep-Dive Tracks

7:30 PM (Captivate)
Venezuelan Nights

November 15th, 2018

9 AM (Meditate)
Deep-Dive Tracks

7:30 PM (Captivate)
C-Garden Fashion Show

10:30 PM (Captivate)
After Party


C-Tribe keynote Dave Damer & TestFire Labs team secure investment from Accelerator Fund II

C-Tribe Festival Hendrix.ai

Learn what it takes to become a Fashion Styli st with Jessica Clark: Blanche MacDonald Centre

C-Tribe Festival Jessica Clark

Shawn Kanungo Headlines C-Tribe Festival 2017: We Are in the Hit Business

Shawn Kanungo C-Tribe Festival