C-Tribe offers a collision between the arts and innovation sectors bringing them to underrepresented voices in the ecosystem.  The goal is to build a global community through transformative experiences, ideas, and collaborations that benefit human good.

Art & Innovation as our connector

We create environments which encourage collaboration across many interdisciplinary sectors that benefit growth through serendipitous connections.

Diversity as our Disruptor

underrepresented voices in our community. Having these voices attend C-Tribe events allows us to grow through interaction, hearing each other’s experiences, and sharing viewpoints.

Harness the powers from the global community

As advocates for a global community, we bring together global citizens to support the growth of ideas, talent, and investment.

The continued growth of C-Tribe reflects its singular ability to bring together creative disciplines across a multitude of industries and promises to propel the event’s convergence of entertainment, culture, and technology.

It’s time for collaboration across multiple sectors that can create perfect circumstances for accelerated growth. In an increasingly global economy, C-Tribe is a perfect opportunity to highlight innovation happening all over the world and together, we can reimagine what disruptive success means at a world scale.

"C-TRIBE gave me a platform to rapidly build strong connections with key leaders in, and outside of, my field."

In one weekend, I was able to build relationships with senior decision makers at multiple construction companies, municipalities and groups that were previously never on my radar (e.g. travel, and artificial intelligence). From the perspective of a data analytics startup, making connections and receiving direct feedback from large corporations is very challenging – but much easier with C-TRIBE. From those relationships, our team has been able to learn much faster about our clients’ needs and pivot product offerings rapidly.

Today, my team and I continue to meet with connections found through C-TRIBE to discuss business opportunities that will bring our analytics to the next level. As a panelist, I am honored to be a part of C-TRIBE and cannot wait for the next event.

Brandon W. – Founder, rData Directory