The Art presentation of the C-Tribe Festival is a mix of immersive cultural experiences that will appeal to all five senses. With distinct fashion shows, meditation series, and culinary delights, the combination of events is the truest expression of the vibrant art community.

C-Tribe Art Festival

Artistic experiences are co-produced by meditation studios, fitness gyms, marketing firms, lifestyle brands pulling from a pool of emerging and successful artists. They activate in bars, and open spaces before the marquee presentation on closing night.

Join us for an unparalleled display of creativity, connectivity and pushing forward the arts + innovation culture forward at the C-Tribe Festival in Edmonton, AB

The C-Illuminate Fashion Show comes together to transport you to the year 2046 where fashion’s immersive future is on full display.
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Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Venezuelan Nights celebrates the music, culture, food, and rich colors of Venezuela.

The C-Garden space will include environmentally-friendly activations that promote lower carbon emissions, interactive art installations, an exhibition/marketplace, and will serve as a venue for a live fashion experience.
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C-Tribe keynote Dave Damer & TestFire Labs team secure investment from Accelerator Fund II

C-Tribe Festival Hendrix.ai

Learn what it takes to become a Fashion Styli st with Jessica Clark: Blanche MacDonald Centre

C-Tribe Festival Jessica Clark

Sahr Saffa is featured on the City of Champions Podcast and shares the future direction of C-Tribe

Shane & Sahr City of Edmonton podcast


Get Involved in #C-Tribe2018

The 2018 Festival dates run from November 14th-17th and whether you’re looking to be vendor, partner, attendee, or volunteer, C-Tribe has something for you.

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There is a lot jam-packed into this four-day festival. The schedule will give you a general idea as to when and where things are happening to help you plan your trip to Edmonton!