C-Illuminate Fashion Show

The 3rd season of the C-Tribe Fashion Show comes together to transport you to the year 2046 where fashion’s immersive future is on full display. This stands to be the the ultimate collaboration of art, fashion, and technology and a stimulating feast for all five senses.

This is a first-of-its-kind experience in Canada. The venue will transform into a series of tech-inspired presentations highlighting the possibilities of augmented/virtual realities, wearables, and retail technology redefining the fashion landscape of the 21st century.

When: November 14th @ 7 PM

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Early Bird Prices Expire In:

-217DD -21HH -45mm -9ss


Kingsway Mall in the old Sears, Edmonton AB

2017 Festival Highlight:
C-Tribe Fashion Show

A celebration of great drinks, trendy outfits and our outstanding arts community, the C-Tribe Fashion Show hits the runway and kicks off in style. After the days of stimulating conversation, breakout sessions, and fireside chats, the C-Tribe Fashion Show was hosted in the Edmonton’s financial district.

2017 Festival Highlight: C-Tribe Fashion Show

This year, C-Tribe is offering expanded access to events for all badge holders. We’ll be offering opportunities for networking, learning, and natural collisions between many interdisciplinary sectors.

The C-Illuminate Fashion Show will play host to the opening party on November 14th and the C-Garden Fashion Show will conclude the fashion series on November 17th.

The Tribe Pass remains your best bet with exclusive access to all C-Tribe events. All attendees will receive primary entry to programming associated with their badge type, in addition to general access to most other C-Tribe activities.

  Until May 15th Until July 15th Until Sept 15th Until Oct 15th Walk-up Price
Single Event $35 $45$65$70$80
MainStage Only $35 $35$35$35$35
Tribe Pass $65$79$169$199$229
Creative Pass $129$149$199$259$299
Innovation Pass $129$149$199$259$299
PRO II Pass $219$249$499$559$649
PRO I Pass $229$329$559$649$780
Corporate + Government Pass $449$559$780$780$780
Diversity Badge Free (must apply)Free (must apply)Free (must apply)Free (must apply)Free (must apply)

Other Ways to
Get Involved

Are you an artist, do you have a clothing line or a fashion-related product? Fill out our vendor application form and a C-Tribe representative will connect with you shortly.

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There is a lot jam-packed into this four-day festival. The schedule will give you a general idea as to when and where things are happening to help you plan your trip to Edmonton!