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Why you Need to Attend South by Southwest (SXSW)

Image Rights: Propomando & SXSW   As Stephen Hawkings has been quoted for famously saying: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” The world is moving exponentially fast and our

Metro Cinema: an Edmonton Staple Standing the Test of Time and Sticking to its Roots

Steeped in deep history and legendary acclamation, Edmonton’s Metro Cinema—housing everyone’s favourite Garneau Theatre— puts forth some of the best talents that rise from the underbelly of our outstanding arts

What Makes Festivals Successful?

The C-Tribe Festival is taking place in November, and it will bring together some of the world’s top influencers to celebrate enlightened thinking and innovation. We have set aside a

NEWS + VIEWS: Its like the Oscars, but with a grander vision

    Well, we get it. You are quite the savvy type if you can decipher why a film festival would be called the ‘Mosquers.’ If you weren’t able to