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AutonomIQ Testing Company uses Artificial Intelligence to Build Software Factories of the Future

The C-Tribe Festival takes place the November 13th to 17th and it will welcome influencers, innovators, and thought-leaders from all over the country in an effort to position Alberta as

Why you Need to Attend South by Southwest (SXSW)

Image Rights: Propomando & SXSW   As Stephen Hawkings has been quoted for famously saying: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” The world is moving exponentially fast and our

The Rise of the Tribe

  7.11.2017   Entrepreneurship, News + Views

  The C-Tribe Festival takes place on November 24th to 25th and it is our way to celebrate diversity, creativity, and to push the innovation agenda forward. Our breakout tracks are

Why Element A.I. Will Win

Google revolutionized the internet by making it more accessible to everyone. Netscape made the internet usable for non-techies. WordPress allowed those non-fluent in HTML create just as effective websites. Element AI —

Metro Cinema: an Edmonton Staple Standing the Test of Time and Sticking to its Roots

Steeped in deep history and legendary acclamation, Edmonton’s Metro Cinema—housing everyone’s favourite Garneau Theatre— puts forth some of the best talents that rise from the underbelly of our outstanding arts

What Makes Festivals Successful?

The C-Tribe Festival is taking place in November, and it will bring together some of the world’s top influencers to celebrate enlightened thinking and innovation. We have set aside a

Alberta Native heads Biz. Dev. & Marketing for Global Basketball Brand

  30.08.2017   Entrepreneurship, News + Views

Despite the lackluster performance by the Men’s National Team earlier this week, Canadian basketball is on the rise, and NBA standouts are looking to the North to grow their global presence. Preface:

Edmonton Construction Duo Goes Hollywood

  24.08.2017   Entrepreneurship, News + Views

Becoming a top 10 construction company in the world might be a long term goal for Zorzetto Williams Construction, but they might have just contracted a detour to get there

NEWS + VIEWS: It’s like glamour… but in a pod

  17.08.2017   2017, Entrepreneurship, News + Views

A billion dollar beauty problem is being tackled by entrepreneur and beauty consultant, Ola Cislik. Currently a Law Student at the University of Alberta, Ola has taken on, and excelled, at multiple entrepreneurial

Cappsule Tribe Unconference 2017 | Uzair Ahmed, Co-founder @ Instamek

CLICK HERE WATCH KEYNOTE VIDEO Uzair is the co-founder of instaMek, an on demand auto service & repair company which operates coast to coast in Canada. The business launched in