November 13th, 2018

C-Tribe Main Stage

C-Tribe is laced with opportunities to learn, share, applaud, and celebrate enlightened thinking. The Main Stage Speaker Series is where all of the 1000+ delegates come together under one roof and the experience is designed to educate, inspire and inform about the opportunities available in the innovative and creative industries.

In 2018, we will get the opportunity to hear from a PR Director of the famous Burning Man, leaders in the blockchain space, and the Chief Alchemist of an M.I.T.-powered AI engine, to name a few. The experience will also give us a taste of what’s happening all over the world while spotlighting the Canadian ecosystem.


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This year, C-Tribe is offering expanded access to events for all badge holders. We’ll be offering opportunities for networking, learning, and natural collisions between many interdisciplinary sectors.

The C-Tribe Main Stage will play host to the opening Elevate experience on November 113th and it will be an experience to remember.

The Tribe Pass remains your best bet with exclusive access to all C-Tribe events. All attendees will receive primary entry to programming associated with their badge type, in addition to general access to most other C-Tribe activities.

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Winspear Theatre

Other Elevate Events

Innovation Ecosystem Tour

Experience first-hand why Edmonton’s Innovation Corridor is the place to be for global research, technology and innovation.


Innovation Tour - C-Tribe Festival
Deep-Dive Tracks | C-Tribe Festival

Deep-Dive Tracks

The Deep-Dive Tracks give us an opportunity to learn from experts in emerging sectors ranging from topics like artificial intelligence, cannabis, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, smart cities, and the future of travel.



The Roundtable discussions are an intimate opportunity for our participants to get together in an informal setting to address and examine issues that are important to our local economy.

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