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Frequently asked questions for C-Tribe Festival

What is your bag policy?

Since there are no lockers or storage facilities on site, festival attendees are allowed to bring in book bags (reasonably-sized and no large frames), purses, satchels, camera bags, Camelbacks (must be empty upon entry), and fanny packs. Please note: all bags are subject to security search at all times for any reason, whatsoever, including at entry to the festival. Any attendee unwilling to cooperate with this policy will be immediately escorted off the concert site and will forfeit their wristband and any refund rights.

Does it cost money to attend the C-Tribe Festival?

Yes. All programming will be ticketed, including our event events. More information, including registration and purchasing opportunities are available in our GET TICKETS tab. We have special pricing for non-profits, students, or underrepresented minorities. Contact us for more details.

Am I able to participate in the C-Tribe Festival as a presenter, or speaker?

Great question. Yes! Send us an email at US@CAPPSULETRIBE.COM with all pertinent information on why our attendees will find you interesting.

What kind of programming can we expect?

Programming in 2017 will include a speaker series, networking lunches, V.I.P. dinners, and evening parties all geared at building the connectivity in the ecosystem.
In 2017, our themes are:

  1. Fashion-tech & the hyper-connected consumer
    • Computers have already transformed the clothing design/production industry. It is one sector being fundamentally turned inside out by technology and the hyper-connected consumer. Now can you imagine a world where your jeans and t-shirt are considered ‘smart’?

  2. Emergence & decentralization of health care in Canada
    • Consumer-led demand for patient self-care is driving a new generation of innovative technologies. Learn from the players leading the way and what product/service offerings will have an impact in this space.

  3. Artificial Intelligence and humans
    • This isn’t as simple as “are robots just going to take our jobs?” Examine, together, the intersection between technology and humans and what it means for our society’s future.
  4. Real Estate-tech and designing future cities
    • The majority of humans live in urban areas and billions more will in the coming decades. The only way to prepare for the massive shift is to create new cities and innovate existing ones.  This panel of entrepreneurs, economists and urbanist thinkers will discuss the idea of treating cities just like start-ups and the impact this can have on overall standard of living.

Where will C-Tribe Festival take place this year?

The C-Tribe Festival in the Fall will take place at various locations. The main locations are:

  1. Garneau Theatre (8712 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB)
  2. Enbridge Tower (10201 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB)

For further details on all locations and programming, see the Agenda tab.


The location for the C-Tribe Innovation + Music Festival in the summer will be a surprise.