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DAVE DAMER | Founder & CEO @ TestFire Labs | Edmonton, Canada

Dave Damer is a computer engineer and proven tech entrepreneur with over 27 years of business leadership experience, 18 of which have been spent building startups. Dave’s first startup, ThinkTel Communications Ltd. (now DistribuTel), leveraged a variety of technologies to accelerate its growth to a company of over 100 employees with revenues of greater than $25 million. Then, in 2017 Dave founded Testfire Labs, a software company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to build custom productivity tools for enterprises.

Testfire’s flagship product is Hendrix.ai, an AI-assistant that transcribes meeting summaries and action items, audits meeting history, and drops it all into a simple, searchable dashboard, for unprecedented meeting organization and productivity insights. Testfire Labs has been recognized as a Top Startup to Watch by Startup Edmonton, and was recently awarded the 2018 Startup Canada Prairies Region Innovation Award. Born in Edmonton, AB, Dave is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Computer Engineering program, a Professional Engineer, and an ongoing mentor for his alma mater’s Venture Mentoring Service.

Industry Presentation: Hendrix.ai

Hendrix is an AI assistant that helps teams take meeting minutes, create summaries, and easily record action items. So everyone can focus on participating, instead of note-taking. Hendrix will be presenting the latest updates of their product and where they are in their software development cycle.