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Mandy Trapp worked in the Health and Wellness Industry for 15 years, before launching her own meditation company in 2012. Lifestyle Meditation was founded as an education based, socially conscious company that believes in making stress management and spiritual growth, easy and accessible to everyone.

As a mother of 3 and wife to a successful entrepreneur, Mandy understands the demands of juggling a busy life. Although she entered motherhood with a post-secondary education and a full schedule as a personal trainer in a top studio in Edmonton, it wasn’t until she began her studies at Chopra University, that she truly began to understand the importance of a daily meditation practice. In 2008 she graduated the Top Distinction of Vedic Master Educator and woven her Chopra education, athletic training, various yoga certifications and yearly trips abroad to India, Nepal, and Bali, into the fabric of her Edmonton-based studio and teacher training programs. Mandy has trained over 2000 students, to bring meditation to their communities and the world.

How to keep focus in a world full of noise.

Focus can be a challenge for business & creative leaders. If you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or innovator you no doubt have multiple projects running at one time and a busy staff to manage, all while working to move your business forward. With constantly competing priorities, it can be easy to lose focus and limit access to the creativity required to solve problems or innovate and move forward.
The practice of meditation can be (and already is) used by many of the most successful leaders in business. The benefits are long, but among them are; greater resiliency to stress, increased creativity, and more energy and stamina.
During this session, you will learn more about how a meditation practice can very quickly change the biology of your body, and give your mind access to new ideas and creative solutions.