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Paul Verhesen | Clark Builders

PAUL VERHESEN | President & CEO @ Clark Builders | Edmonton, Canada

Paul Verhesen’s passions include: construction, innovation, and relationships, all of which serve him well in role of President & CEO of Clark Builders. He has been successful in effectively aligning the needs of diverse teams that has resulted in Clark Builders being recognized since 2007 as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and since 2008 as one of Canada’s Top Employers.

Paul’s strategic vision for the company has fostered an environment of continuous improvement, sustainable growth, and collaboration with a focus on leveraging technical innovation in the areas of operational process improvement (Lean Construction), self-performed work, and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

With a vested interest in contributing to the ongoing development of the construction industry, Paul is a Board member on the Canadian Construction Association, serves as current Chair of the Alberta Construction Association, and is past Chair of Canadian Construction Innovations, and the Edmonton Construction Association. In addition, an avid sports fan and dedicated volunteer, Mr. Verhesen contributes his time, energy and expertise to a number of professional and community organizations. He would say, however, that his most rewarding responsibility is time spent with his grandchildren.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, majoring in Construction, from the University of Alberta and maintains his Professional Engineering Certification with the APEGGA.

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