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SAHR SAFFA | Founder & CXO & CEO @ Saffa & Company | Edmonton, Canada

Since completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta in 2014, where he spent five years as a shooting guard for the Golden Bears basketball team, Saffa has been an active player in the international start-up scene. As a doer, he has a curiosity for finding impactful intersections between commerce, technology, and culture.

As a creative problem-solver, he is most proud of the work done to start the C-Tribe Festival — a community driven by diversity and helping innovative and creative people achieve their dreams. In just 2 years the festival has grown to four days of innovative & creative programming, sixty speakers, and 1000 attendees. He also works as the VP of Canadian Operations for AutonomIQ, an artificial intelligence firm based out of the San Francisco Bay Area that is democratizing the quality assurance testing process for software development.

Mr. Saffa is also the creator of Cappsule — a video community that uses artificial intelligence to help people discover better and more relevant recommendations from people that they know and trust. Before this, he grew and consulted with a digital marketing agency for three years after completing his major in Business Law and Economics and a minor in Marketing.

AI & Creativity: Will Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning be Additives to Creativity or will it be its Silent Killer?

As AI and machine learning are rapidly growing, it is clear that it is already having an immediate impact on enterprises and business. However, do you know they’re being applied to creative fields like art, photography, music, and video? AI is writing songs, curating exhibitions, designing buildings, and more. How will AI change the creative process? Can a machine be a creative, or aid to the work of creatives? Or should machines be left completely out of this space? This session brings together the brightest minds from the startup, creative, and AI worlds to share perspectives on artificial intelligence trends, predictions, and issues.