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Scott Edgar | C-Tribe Speaker

SCOTT EDGAR | Co-Founder & CEO @ ArisMD| Edmonton, Canada

Scott is a computer prodigy as a child and started programming at the age of 4. He learned programming alongside his first language. He speaks it intuitively, fluently, and articulately. There isn’t anything he can’t build. He has a love and talent for programming that mirrors a great artist. His talent for building beautiful precise algorithms and software has an eloquence. It has led to the success of his past start-ups. His last start-up, Dryft, selling to a major Silicon Valley tech giant along with his code and patents. Scott is uniquely able to bring to life ideas that were previously science fiction.

A Brave New World: Immersive Reality Pushing the Perceptual Limits on our Senses

The fourth industrial revolution is blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres. This complex transformation is changing the way we do many things and setting the stage for the emergence of world-changing technology. Mixed reality unlocks another dimension of our senses by creating virtual  environments that overlay in our real world. Creating immersive experiences presents incredibly unique challenges and opportunities and this panel will exlpore all that lies ahead.