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Jennifer Hancock | Chandos

JENNIFER HANCOCK | Director Innovative Construction | Edmonton, Canada

Working on some of the first Integrated Project Delivery projects in Alberta, Jen Hancock is best placed as the Director of Innovative Construction with Chandos. In her nine years with Chandos, she has established herself as a key member of sustainable construction within Chandos and beyond. Her role includes LEED and other green building rating systems, along with an added main focus on Integrated Project Delivery and Lean. Jen has a passion to learn, educate and improve the industry.

Can Whales Dance?: What Does Future Innovation in the Construction Sector Look Like?

2017 was a big year for technology innovation in the construction industry, and that pace is unlikely to slow in 2018. This is good news for companies that embrace technology to improve cost, safety, efficiency, and quality of construction but the biggest construction firms have a history of being risk-adverse and late adopters of innovation.

New data is showing, however, that the sector is taking strides to take advantage of emerging technologies. These new technologies range from self-healing concrete, drones, cloud computing, modular construction, and 3D printing to name a few. What will it take for construction companies to keep pace with the exponential growth of technology and how will the winners and losers be determined in this new age of innovation?