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Katie Pringle | C-Tribe Speaker

KATIE PRINGLE | Founder @ Cannabis Communications | Ontario, Canada

Proud Canadian, Katie Pringle is the co-founder of three innovative businesses. Cannabis Communications and Marigold PR are serviced based marketing, PR & social media agencies. Canndora (Katie’s passion project) is a cannabis lifestyle online community & shop for elevated women.

Katie has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and the traditional media mix. She has extensive experience in digital lifestyle & entertainment content, with a solid background in marketing to women. Katie has worked on business of all sizes including local, national and international brands. She is forward thinking, delivers beyond expectation and is always ready for the unexpected. Her peers say she can see around corners. Katie is passionate about opportunities for cannabis brands in legalized environments.

“The current marketing landscape is complicated for growing cannabis companies. It’s an industry like non-other with murky advertising rules and amazing social communities. Cannabis is an exciting and fast-moving industry. ” Katie Pringle, WINNER PR in Canada 2017 Top 40 Under 40

Katie has been a guest speaker for University programs and has hosted seminars for over 200 executives. She loves to chat about all things cannabis and brand management.

The Tainted Herb: Defeating Stigma Around Marijuana

Since President Richard Nixon classified marijuana as a schedule 1 illegal drug in the 70’s it has brought along a negative stigma that has been cultivated primarily for political gain and the segregation of communities. Cannabis shows a lucrative and deep history which influences our arts, culture, literature, and very soon, the next boom for (legal) commerce in Canada. The medicinal properties of cannabis have been well known and have proved to be an alternative to some of the most common ailments seen today.

However, in order for cannabis to be looked at through a positive lens, nationwide, we must be willing to address the stigmas that has plagued the usage of the drug for so long. A healthy dialogue will be the first step in overcoming more than a half-a-century of conviction, persecution, and the ostracism around usage of the plant.