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Keenan Pascal Token Naturals | C-Tribe Festival

KEENAN PASCAL | Co-Founder @ Token Naturals | Edmonton, Canada

Keenan is the Co-Founder & CEO at Token which is an independent Canadian cannabis company designed to deliver the positive potential of cannabis. After completing his MBA at the University of British Columbia and transitioning out of the financial industry, Keenan has lead the growth Token and their flagship product, Token Bitters, is already available across Alberta. Token continues to build product and technology platforms that will let people fine-tune their experiences with cannabis in this new market. The innovative products, brands, and technologies that Token is building will be exported to the world as cannabis prohibition comes to an end.

The Big Social Experiment: Cannabis Legalization

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is gearing up to be one of the biggest social experiments in modern history. Due to the entrepreneur-friendly privatization laws, relatively cheap electricity and water bills, and a relatively large landmass, Alberta has the potential to be a hub for pot. What economic, social, and cultural impacts will this have for the Province? How can we encourage more collaboration between citizens, public, and private sectors, and how can the Province lead as positive global leaders in this emerging industry?