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International Markets Speaker - C-Tribe Festival

KEMAL BROWN | Founder & President @ DigitaGlobal | Kingston, Jamaica

Mr. Kemal Brown is the Founder, President & CEO of Digita Global Marketing Ltd, a Caribbean based, globally focused media company and marketing agency. He is also Chairman of Digita Global Group Inc. and Digita Holdings LLC. Mr. Brown is a son of Jamaica and was educated on her soil. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and presently sits on its Distinguished Volunteers Committee. He is a former Academic, having lectured at two Caribbean Universities. Mr. Brown has been privileged to be a Member of the Rotary Club of St. Andrew, is a Fellow of the Commonwealth 33Sixty Leadership Programme, and is presently the Vice-Curator of the Global Shapers Kingston Hub (a subsidiary of the World Economic Forum). He is a renowned Speaker and Trainer who has delivered over one hundred talks in over 10 countries to corporate bodies such as VistaPrint, Sagicor, Scotiabank, Jamaica Energy Partners, JMMB, the Project Management Institute, the Global Shapers Community among others. He is also a recognized consultant on digital strategy, ideation and entrepreneurship and has mentored numerous Caribbean high-growth start-ups.

International Markets: What does the Future Bear and How will we get There?

By selling a single product on Shopify, or eBay outside of Canada means you have sold in an international market. The evolution of the system of institutions, rules, and procedures relating to the exchange of goods and services between persons or organizations has been transformational over the last few years. In addition, this transformation is not slowing down at all in the coming years. Some of us dream to have our own (business) presence in international markets, but the thought alone may be daunting.  What does it take to get there? What does it take or what should be considered to have a global product that is consumed by people around the world irrespective of borders?

Our panelists are international heavyweights who are distributing internationally by partnerships with third parties or selling directly to consumers and will have a lot to share during this discussion.