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Nick Kazakoff | C-Tribe Festival

NICK KAZAKOFF | Co-Founder & President @ ONETWOSIX Design | Edmonton, Canada

Nick believes that great design has the power to instrument positive change. He co-founded the design agency ONETWOSIX with Brendan Gallagher in 2014 to provide world class product design services in the city of Edmonton. A graduate from the University of Alberta’s Industrial Design program with further work and education at the FH in Muenster, Germany, Nick’s design methodology seeks a natural simplicity, elegance, and beauty attained through a “function to create form” approach. His professional background has focused on product design for manufacture, and he has worked with companies to create everything from innovative office furniture to medical products. Nick understands the ins-and-outs of the world of fabrication and is an expert at navigating the space between a great idea and a finished product. He has a soft spot for Edmonton, and finds inspiration in his family history of entrepreneurship, design, and invention in Alberta’s capital. Nick is an advocate for establishing a unified culture of creatives in the city. With a diverse team of full time industrial designers, ONETWOSIX is helping to lead the charge in promoting the value that good design brings to the table.

Nick and his team at ONETWOSIX Design have played an integral role in creating the concept for the C-Illuminate and C-Garden Fashion Show. 

During the C-Illuminate Fashion Show, Nick will talk about the work that he and his team did to help bring this event to life.