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VANESSA LANCASTER | People & Culture Manager @ Grant Thornton | Edmonton, Canada

Vanessa Lancaster is a mother, Certified Professional in Human Resources and University of Alberta Alum, lover of Edmonton and chronic questioner. She loves to experiment and ask why – about ideas, about people, about projects. She is passionate about making lives more meaningful with whatever tools she can find, and primarily does that through her work as a People and Culture Manager at Grant Thornton, as Curator of Global Shapers Edmonton, and through whatever projects she can throw her energy behind. She gets excited when she finds ways to create connections, share stories and generate joy. She uses her curiosity and business experience to enable organizations to embrace kindness, authenticity, and growth. Vanessa loves trying new things, creating community, doing crafts and riding her bike. Whenever she can, she loves to bring along her husband and two children on adventures.

Join Global Shapers Edmonton for four diverse sessions that allow you to examine your thinking, explore the limits of your creativity and elevate your understanding of key issues.

Four 90 minute sessions will cover diverse topics including the financial sector, philanthropy, urban revitalization, and storytelling. Beginning at 9:00, 10:30, 12:00. 1:30, the session attendees will hear from thought leaders, followed by developing their own thinking, ideas, and calls to action on the subject. Through intensive collaboration and sharing, sessions will expand the attendee’s knowledge on the subject and give them an opportunity to give back and influence the thought leaders.

Join us for all four sessions, or a single session as your schedule permits. Each will be completely unique.

Global Shapers Edmonton will be moderating and facilitating the event. Global Shapers is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, to connect young people around the globe in their efforts to create positive community change.