Experience first-hand why Edmonton’s Innovation Corridor is the place to be for global research, technology and innovation.  This guided tour will feature exclusive access to world-class companies, incubators, and research hubs. This will give a chance for local Albertans to explore what’s in their backyard, and an opportunity for delegates from outside the Province to see what the region has to offer

When: Novmeber 15th, 9 AM – 3 PM

Where: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Why Tours?

As a whole the greater Alberta ecosystem benefits when our citizens, and non-residents are aware of the incredible developments we have in our region. Aligning with your brand’s core strengths of embracing local relationships and knowledge, the Innovation Ecosystem Tours seeks to allow more on-lookers to see the underbelly of our ecosystem in an effort to show what is possible and why the province is more than capable of competing on the world marketplace.


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Get Involved in #C-Tribe2018

The 2018 Festival dates run from November 14th-17th and whether you’re looking to be vendor, partner, attendee, or volunteer, C-Tribe has something for you.

Get Involved in #C-Tribe2018

There is a lot jam-packed into this four-day festival. The schedule will give you a general idea as to when and where things are happening to help you plan your trip to Edmonton!